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Expand Marketing Capabilities and target a very specific audience using LinkedIn and Skillbooker

Expanding your marketing capabilities, target a very specific audience by combining LinkedIn contacts and Skillbooker contact sorting - a bit of working importing and exporting but if you have thousands of contacts in LinkedIn - it could make your life so much easier

  • Sign into LinkedIn
  • In LinkedIn click on 'My Network' -> 'Connections'
  • Click on the little gear cock to the right, which will bring you to ''
  • Click on 'Export LinkedIn Connections'
  • Select 'Microsoft Outlook.CSV' - download the file to your local computer.
  • Sign into
  • Click on 'Contacts' -> 'Import contacts'
  • Import your downloaded file.
  • Now you can sort your LinkedIn Connections by sorting them into different categories
  • Go to 'Contacts' -> 'Contact Categories'
  • Create a category
  • Click on 'Add Contact' next to the category created
  • In the search box search for the job title you want to filter in
  • Click the radio boxes for the ones you like to include or the 'all' radio box
  • Click 'submit'
  • Now your connections are sorted into categories and are ready to use in your email program to target a specific audience
  • The next step would be to export to CSV and import into an email program like MailChimp


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