How Expand your marketing capabilities using LinkedIn and Skillbooker

What to do when some has applied for a job - Video Tutorial

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Where to start creating tests and assessing candidates?

help creating testsHere is where you start..
After you have registered/logged in.
Please do the following: 
Remember Silver memberships have limited functionality.

1. Add a test

          1a. Select a Preconfigured test
          1b. Create a Custom test
                    1b i) Add Custom Questions

2. Add Candidates

3. Create an Assessment
(Invite candidates to take the test)

4. Compare test restults

So, how does my job listing end up here on Skillbooker?

email explode If you are a recruitment consultant, and you have NOT registered and you get and email from a candidate, you might wonder how does your job listing end up here on SKILLBOOKER.COM.

The most probable reason is you emailed the job listing to a candidate which has an email inbox account with us.

The email get parsed by SKILLBOOKER and an account for the recruitment consultant is created (free of charge). Then the job is listed on SKILLBOOKER.COM

SKILLBOOKER EXPLODE  the email contents to all the candidates which falls in that search area which matches that SKILL SET.

The candidates then can contact the recuitment consultant directly in response to the add.