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About Us

Skillbooker LTD is a internet technology firm which has been working on the internet for over 10 years. Our core values is basically summarised in the golden rule - Do to other as you want them to do to you'

We have always aimed to create stable, user friendly websites that provides our users with secure environment, but yet open and flexible to their needs.

Our core technology developed is driven by developers who all share in our mission. Our aim is to plough almost all our profits back into people who need them the most. 

Skillbooker Ltd have accelerated it's business in the last few years at a huge speed. The main reason for this every person in the organisation is both a 'tekkie' and business driver.

At Skillbooker Ltd we believe people is business and business is people - so we invest in people as much as we invest in our websites and technology.

We are based in the beautiful Oxfordshire town of Witney.

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